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We are a universal cashback loyalty program powered by blockchain. The program is delivered in app format and aims at helping and supporting brick and mortar stores. We aim at including a block of stores in our program that complement each other and deliver value to the user. Users of our App can accumulate cash back from the different participating stores into a single wallet and this can be used to purchase any item from any of the participating stores. This in turn solves the 2 main problems with loyalty programs which are slow accumulation of rewards and limited range of rewards. Users will find store and product information in the content part and the store pages of the Clappy app. In addition, we will be aiming to improve the overall shopping experience via strategic partnerships that will deliver extra value if someone shops offline. Users of our app will be able to accumulate/spend cashback (delivered in crypto format specially designed for the loyalty industry) at participating stores, receive promotions and coupons, communicate directly with stores and to find relevant information and updates about stores. By participating, stores will gain a loyal customer base. They will also have access to highly advanced CRM tools that allow them to thoroughly analyze and understand their customer base. In addition to this, we focus on providing valuable easy to use tools to retailers which enable them to easily engage in Targeted marketing and general marketing. The store will enjoy a wide variety of options within our advanced marketing tools to easily reach customers with specific deals, promotions, coupons and other marketing related messages. Stores will then be able to analyze how effective their campaigns are through easy to use visualizations and analytics. We also provide stores with valuable marketing advice and we help them create the marketing campaigns that they send out through the Clappy app. Many offline SME’s have problems creating effective marketing campaigns and we plan on aiding them to create the optimal campaign for their needs. Our roadmap is currently focused on additional feature development. Features that we consider implementing are: – A Groupon like platform integrated with the current operations – Gamification – More marketing tools (proximity etc..) – Omni-Channel Technology is provided by our partner: Loyalcoin. This technology is currently tested in the Philippines and we will receive our own branded version. Jelmer ten Wolde

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